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How the descendants of the Mutiny on the Bounty became Norfolk Islanders...

On the June 8 in 1856 the entire community of Pitcairn Island arrived on Norfolk Island having out-grown their isolated and small Pitcairn home. Their forefathers were the mutineers of 'HMAV Bounty' fame, and foremothers the Polynesian women who travelled with them.

Among the arrivals was a little girl, Emily Christian, the great-granddaughter of Fletcher Christian, who later married George Bailey.

The story of the Pitcairn community starting a new life on Norfolk Island is uniquely told on the original homestead of Emily and George Bailey, the location for this tour. The Pitcairn Settlers built their homes, lived off the land and the sea, created new industries and continued their unique culture with its own heritage, traditions and customs.

The property George and Emily settled is still owned by the family having been handed down through the generations, including to Marie Bailey, an Island 'legend' who also ran the Island's first tour company and lived in the house until her passing in 2016. The homestead's original features still exist including the 1879 homestead, blacksmiths forge, dairy and outbuildings.

The extensive established gardens planted across the generations are among the most beautiful on the Island. They boast plantings including the first avocado and mango trees and a number of ornamentals. The 100 year-old Poinciana tree is a stunning highlight among many.

The story of the settlement of the Pitcairn Islanders on Norfolk is one of resourcefulness, hard work, productivity and dedication to improving their lives and those of their children - the first generation of today's Norfolk Islanders.

Tours run every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9.30am and 1.30pm.

We are located on Queen Elizabeth Drive behind the Queen Victoria Gardens, Cyclorama and Hilli's Restaurant.