Wataweih, welcome, to The Pitcairn Settlers Story… from Bounty mutineers to proud Norfolk Islanders

Charles and Kim Christian-Bailey, the owners of a remarkable 13 acre homestead located on Norfolk Island welcome you to their family's home. First settled by Charles' great-great grandparents Emily Christian and George Bailey, the property has been continuously owned by the same family.

"Our property is unique on Norfolk Island. We are blessed that when George and Emily settled this land in the late 1870's, they built a family home to last, and ever since our family has kept it intact. Each person who has inherited the original family homestead has taken impeccable care of it, recognising that it contains not only a proud family history, but also that of the whole Pitcairn Settler community. It's no wonder that my late great-aunt Marie Bailey saw the stories the property could tell and created the Pitcairn Settlers Village tour taking visitors around the property and through the homestead".

Today's Pitcairn Settlers Story guides provide in depth knowledge of the Pitcairn Settlers and the Bailey family. Among the experiences, you'll visit the 1879 Bailey family homestead, see their farming innovations, visit the oldest working forge in the Pacific and enjoy simply spectacular gardens. Travelling for part of the tour will be on the Island's first tour bus - a 1928 Model A Ford truck! You'll leave understanding how the Pitcairners survived in an unfamiliar and remote location.

Tours run every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Morning tours start at 9.30am and afternoon tours start at 1.30pm. Tours run for approximately 2.5 hours.